Writing Motherhood  

Yesterday I took part in one of Writing Motherhood’s final events, the brainchild of author and poet, Carolyn Jess-Cooke. Over the past year this Arts Council series has been touring at various writing centres and festivals across the country, offering inspiration to women and mothers who write, and who recognise that creativity is a necessary part […]

Mad head. Sore back

It was my daughter’s birthday this week, which coincided, as with any week, with a lot of homework, and her mother on a deadline. That last bit is not so usual, although I do spend much of my working time in a state of panic at how much I’ve got to do, and how little […]

Writers dreaming

A few nights ago I had a dream about a staff, a stile and a horrid dark dank dungeon. There was a woman in the dungeon and I knew she was going to torture me. When she poured liquid on my face, I accepted my fate: that I was doomed. The only way out of […]

My writing process

I’ve been asked by the lovely Zoe Gilbert, friend and fellow member of North London Writers, to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour, which gives us writers the chance to discuss our working process. If you’d like to see how Zoe answered the questions below, check out her blog, http://mindandlanguage.blogspot.co.uk. Zoe, by the way, writes […]