London Lit Lab: Why our course works

We’re in our third week of teaching London Lit Lab’s beginners’ course. How has it been? It’s been great! There’s been a lot of writing and learning going on, and not only among the students. I’ve had a few revelations myself. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered during the first throws of our […]

A few literary secrets

Fellow colleague and short story writer, Zoe Gilbert, and I are meeting this evening to plan content for our first course with London Lit Lab. A beginners’ evening course that starts on 2nd June and follows on every Thursday for six weeks at the wonderfully characterful Leila’s Cafe, on Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch. It demands to be said again, […]

Food for thought

Two elderly women at Yo Sushi. They’ve both made an effort for their lunch date today. The English woman is dressed conservatively compared to the American, although she might not think so herself. She wears a navy lambs-wool sweater and heart-shaped diamante earrings, striped wide-legged trousers and plimsolls. Her skin is paper white. The American […]

Come write with us

I’ve had a few inspired ideas recently. While most of them haven’t made it past incubation stage, others, with a little drive and self-belief, and perhaps even a nudge from the universe, have actually grown into full-blown babies. London Lit Lab is one such small child: It started life some months ago over a pint of Star, when […]