Finding Narrative in Unexpected Places

Building Stories is not your usual creative writing workshop. With two London landmarks, the Royal Institute of British Architects and British Library, as its focal points, it makes use of the architecture, public art and archives of each to create something new in the form of narrative text. We, London Lit Lab, designed the course, and […]

Come write with us

I’ve had a few inspired ideas recently. While most of them haven’t made it past incubation stage, others, with a little drive and self-belief, and perhaps even a nudge from the universe, have actually grown into full-blown babies. London Lit Lab is one such small child: It started life some months ago over a pint of Star, when […]

Intelligent readers

About six months ago, I joined a writer’s group. We meet once a month and critique each other’s work, all prose fiction: sometimes an extract of a novel, sometimes a short story, sometimes a whole novel. The group read my novel (all 105,000 words) and gave me feedback on Monday night. Seven different opinions of […]