Back again

So, I’ve been silent for nine months. Well, not quite silent, just quiet, but very busy. Here are a few things that have been happening: I started a Creative Writing PhD. What on? Hmm, still not sure, but it’s fun trying to work it out. While slowly and cautiously venturing into academia, I finished my novel. Again….

Words of wisdom

This week I’m returning to my novel. I’ve been away from it for almost three months. It was critiqued by my writers’ group, then came Christmas, then I got ill, then I wrote a proposal for a PhD. Now, we’re into January, the application has been submitted and I’m starting to crave my imagined world…

Six things

These are some of the things I learnt at my writer’s group meeting last night Novels should be about: Character Transformation. So, develop your character, send him on a journey, and make him change. Writing your story from two different first-person narrators is very difficult to pull off, particularly if it’s your first novel. This…

How do I write?

At home, I write in bed. Propped up by a thousand pillows, I feel as if I’m floating on a dream. I’m often in my dressing gown; my hair a mess. I write in a small orange child’s notebook, or it might be yellow, or blue, with a sticker on the back that says, £1.25….

Second best

A writer friend Iain Broome asked me to feature on his Write for Your Life podcast about writing the challenging second novel. A new father to twin boys, he was also interested in how I’ve managed it with two young children. You can listen to it here: