The heart of place

On Tuesday I attended a talk at the LRB Bookshop about the concept of ‘place’. I went to see and meet Julian Hoffman, who writes beautifully about the landscape in and around where he lives in a mountain village near the Prespa Lakes, Southern Balkans. I was also interested in Philip Marsden’s work:, […]

Reasons to be 40

1. I often dream of the house in which I grew up. It was Victorian with four storeys, on a quiet street in Islington. My bedroom was on the top floor. I slept on my parents’ marital mattress: a Heal’s mega-king-sized, squashed between wall and table on a too-small frame. I spent many hours lying […]

Third time lucky

I haven’t managed to write my blog for a month or so, because I’ve been busy being a mum – looking after my two kids while on school holidays, my cats, the house, etc – oh… and plotting my third novel. I could go into a big rant about how I think the summer holidays […]

Motherhood and creativity

Recently I was reminded of the photographer Sally Mann and how much her work influenced my first novel, SHADOWING THE SUN. Mann is most famous for her photographs of her three children shot in the surrounds of their southern American home, hanging out or in role play, getting into scraps, doing what kids do best. […]

First-class festivities

I was very privileged to be part of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival this year. The weekend has flown by in a fuzz of sunshine, laughter and applause; dodging the crowds of happy people up and down Church Street and hanging out to music and beer at the Budvar tent. Every event I went to […]