The ghost of Mary-Anne

Ruth has laid an assortment of clothes across the chairs and sofas in the living room, silks and velvets in pinks and peaches, browns and blues, vintage dresses she has picked up from various markets, which are pulled out for parties or games. The children jump at them, picking up various items, which they hold […]

A room of one’s own

Every morning over the past week I have stood on the edge of the land, so steep that if I stumbled it would give me up to the sea. On one side is a tumbling promontory that looks like a sleeping dragon, with its curved spine, ridged tail and ribs on either side. The sea […]

Blog Hop: The Next Big Thing

Emily Benet,, author of Shop Girl Diaries and more recently Watpad hit Spray Painted Bananas invited me on a Blog Hop for the ‘Next Big Thing’ in which writers answer ten questions about their work in progress and tag two other writers to do the same. As I have really-nearly-almost finished my novel (you can […]