Back again

So, I’ve been silent for nine months. Well, not quite silent, just quiet, but very busy. Here are a few things that have been happening: I started a Creative Writing PhD. What on? Hmm, still not sure, but it’s fun trying to work it out. While slowly and cautiously venturing into academia, I finished my novel. Again. […]

The heart of place

On Tuesday I attended a talk at the LRB Bookshop about the concept of ‘place’. I went to see and meet Julian Hoffman, who writes beautifully about the landscape in and around where he lives in a mountain village near the Prespa Lakes, Southern Balkans. I was also interested in Philip Marsden’s work:, […]

All that glitters

During the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping in a tent in a field on the south coast of Cornwall, in the place where my third novel is set. I’ve been holidaying with friends and family, and writing, and all the time making mental notes of the subtle changes in weather, the habits of local birds; […]

A room of one’s own

Every morning over the past week I have stood on the edge of the land, so steep that if I stumbled it would give me up to the sea. On one side is a tumbling promontory that looks like a sleeping dragon, with its curved spine, ridged tail and ribs on either side. The sea […]