And so

I’ve written a story about a man who likes to talk to a woman on the telephone. He knows that she’s in love with him, and he’s determined that he isn’t in love with her; only he likes to have her there. He makes contact with her, and he always picks up when she calls….

The open road

I awoke this morning with an image in my mind of a grey motorway opening up before me, never ending; of driving into this nothingness, of silence, emptiness, freedom. I was reminded of The Hours by Michael Cunningham: of his mother-character, Mrs Brown, who takes off one afternoon in her car, leaving her toddler with…

Motherhood and creativity

Recently I was reminded of the photographer Sally Mann and how much her work influenced my first novel, SHADOWING THE SUN. Mann is most famous for her photographs of her three children shot in the surrounds of their southern American home, hanging out or in role play, getting into scraps, doing what kids do best….