Recovery anthology


Since the summer of 2016, I’ve been teaching creative writing to a group of people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction at the Hackney Recovery Centre (with St Mungo’s). I initially got in contact with them because I lost my father to addiction some years ago, and wanted to do something positive to overcome my sadness and helplessness around the circumstances of his death. I really enjoyed teaching this group, and as the weeks progressed and more members shared their work, I was amazed by the level of talent. So, I applied for a grant to continue working with them, with the ultimate aim to have enough good work to include in a high-quality anthology, which we will aim to publish in 2018. It includes work from my group at the recovery centre, but earlier this year we did a national callout for recovery stories, and had an amazing response. We are just now coming to our final decision.

Award-winning short story writer, Zoe Gilbert, and I are working together on this project. Our main aim is to have as far a reach as possible in an attempt to show what kind of talent tends to go unrecognised, but also to give a platform to these stories in order to show the world how close so many of us are to addiction

If you’d like to know more, go here, or contact me: Lily.Dunn@MUNGOS.ORG. We look forward to hearing from you.