A Wild and Precious Update

recovery bannerWe are now, as of today, 1/4 of the way towards reaching our crowdfunding goal to publish our recovery anthology, A Wild and Precious Life through award-winning publisher Unbound. 25% in approx two months is pretty good going https://unbound.com/books/recovery/

We have written our Arts Council application to ask for their support to reach our target and will send it as soon as we are 40% funded, so not far to go. We have plans to continue mentoring some of our writers, and to facilitate a support group for them so they can benefit from ongoing contact, which we feel the Arts Council will want to get behind, so we’re confident they will help.

In the meantime,

  • We are hoping to host an evening of readings in London in the autumn; and have plans to do the same in Scotland; Bristol; Birmingham in 2019
  • We are working on a proposal to feature on Russell Brand’s podcast, Under the Skin… an interview about the importance of writing in the process of recovery, backed up by some readings from our excellent contributors.
  • We are lookin for a patron who might donate a more substantial amount of money – so please let us know if you have any ideas!
  • Zoe will be on Manx Radio next week, pushing our project.
  • And lastly, and most excitingly (and we only found out today, so you’re the first to know), Lily Dunn and one of our original St Mungo’s creative writing students (with mindblowing talent) will be in conversation with Radio 4’s the Listening Project, aired later in the year… We can’t wait.

So, we’re back from holidays, and there’s no stopping us…

Thanks again! Please spread the word. Talk about A Wild and Precious Life. Tell people how they can pre-order a copy, and let’s give this beautiful and important book a colourful and happy life!

Warmest, Lily and Zoe


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