Our recovery project is live!


177118197814657995GHh1Nd0BcYesterday was a very exciting day. We launched our recovery anthology with the award-winning publisher, Unbound, and within the first day we reached 6% of our funding. A Wild and Precious Life: Addiction, physical and mental illness and its aftermath – is a collection of stories and poetry from writers in recovery. It’s a very special book, the first of its kind. A selection of literary poetry and prose from emerging and established authors (some prize-winning), and totally unheard voices. If you want to buy a copy in advance, or to pledge to support someone in recovery, please check out our page: https://unbound.com/books/recovery/

It all evolved from my teaching creative writing to a group of recovering addicts, through Hackney Recovery Service, at St Mungo’s, about two years ago. I started as a volunteer, with no real expectation, just a sense that I wanted to make a difference to this community, having lost my father prematurely to alcoholism. But the group was so successful that we were awarded Arts Council funds to continue. Part of the bid was to compile an anthology of recovery stories, from the group but also from further afield. The result is this book.

Now, over two years later, the creative writing sessions are still going strong at St Mungo’s, and some of the proceeds from the book will be put back into further developing creative writing at the centre. A Wild and Precious Life looks at recovery, across the board, including addiction, mental health issues and some physical illness. It’s important because many of its contributors have either stood at the brink of death, and made it back again; or witnessed someone they love do the same. To read their work is affirming of the preciousness of life. Writing for them has been a huge part of that recovery, and your support of that is validating.

It’s up to you to decide if A Wild and Precious Life deserves to be published. Pledge and you’ll receive a beautiful printed book (much nicer than the version that will be available in the shops), and much sooner than it hits the high street. You’ll get unique rewards and an insight into the writing and publishing process as well.

Please share this on Twitter or Facebook, and talk about it. It will really help to spread the word. All our lives are precious. All our lives are wild. Let’s listen.


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