A few literary secrets

London Lit Lab LogoFellow colleague and short story writer, Zoe Gilbert, and I are meeting this evening to plan content for our first course with London Lit Lab. A beginners’ evening course that starts on 2nd June and follows on every Thursday for six weeks at the wonderfully characterful Leila’s Cafe, on Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch. It demands to be said again, that there will be cake!

Here are a few gems I’ve picked from my notebook. To be addressed, perhaps. To be expanded on and explored.

When writing:

  • Consider all the senses
  • Connect place to character
  • Make dialogue, not conversation
  • Don’t be afraid of silence
  • Where needed, fill gaps with action
  • Description is revelation
  • Character is fate
  • Plot is a series of reveals
  • Behaviour is individual
  • Sometimes you fall in love with what you’re doing; sometimes you think it’s shit
  • Be brave
  • Doubt makes us better

There are still places available on the course, so if you’d like to see where these little secrets will lead us, come join us: http://www.londonlitlab.co.uk/

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