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London Lit Lab LogoI’ve had a few inspired ideas recently. While most of them haven’t made it past incubation stage, others, with a little drive and self-belief, and perhaps even a nudge from the universe, have actually grown into full-blown babies. London Lit Lab is one such small child: It started life some months ago over a pint of Star, when my wonderful PhD supervisor, Julia Bell, animatedly told friend and fellow writer Zoe Gilbert and I about The Reader Berlin a happy organisation that teaches creative writing to Berlin writers, and offers a manuscript editing and mentoring service. Both Zoe and I thought it a great idea to set up something similar here in London. So, after a few drinks and a lot of enthusiasm, we went home and did a business plan. We soon had the name, a date and a venue.

Our first course will be held at Leila’s Shop and cafe in Shoreditch on Thursday evenings, 2nd June to 7th July, 7-9pm. It is a beginners’ course that will appeal to those who have some experience of writing, but want to learn a few skills and grow in confidence, and perhaps also meet other like-minded writers. We’ve consciously kept the fee low to make it accessible to those who can’t afford an MA or one of those expensive intensive courses that are advertised in the Guardian. We’re leading an intermediate course throughout September and October, open to more experienced writers who may have a body of work they want help with, or those who have completed the beginners’s course and can’t face saying goodbye to us.

Both courses will have a relaxed, friendly vibe, taught by Zoe and myself. I’m a published novelist and editor and Zoe is an award-winning short story writer, having been awarded the Costa last year for her short story Fishskin Hareskin.

So, if you’re at all interested in either course (or both), grab your place here and spread the word. We are also running a competition at the moment and a chance to win free feedback on your fiction, up to 5,000 words. Log onto the London Lit Lab site for more details.

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