Back again

So, I’ve been silent for nine months. Well, not quite silent, just quiet, but very busy. Here are a few things that have been happening:

I started a Creative Writing PhD.

What on? Hmm, still not sure, but it’s fun trying to work it out.

While slowly and cautiously venturing into academia, I finished my novel. Again. But this time well enough to send to my agent (she loved it, by the way…)

As an aside: I went camping in the summer for three weeks with my family and friends. Spent many days shivering in my swimming costume on the great slate rocks: it wasn’t quite like last year.

Before the PhD and the camping I did a scriptwriting course. So far, no script.

I became a teacher! Teaching creative writing to a group of 13/14 year olds, which basically involves playing games and encouraging them to lie.

I’ve started my teachers’ training (university level) and now know a little more about planning seminars (around text and not), how to move my hands when I’m giving a lecture (apparently expansive gestures are good), what to do if Tony in the back row falls asleep.

I helped organise an event for NAWE – the National Association of Writers in Education – and a network for Creative Writing PhD students around the country.

I took a break from North London Writers. Sad, but glad to have a little more time to read for my PhD.

My dear friend, Zoe, and I are in the process of setting up a creative writing workshop gig, offering courses to beginners and intermediates from a cosy little cafe in Shoreditch – there will be cake! Our website goes live this week.

My mum moved house. Not really relevant, only I’m happy that she survived it.

I’ve started writing non-fiction. This is new for me.

I’ve cycled hundreds of miles through the mad streets of London.

My children and I have shared many many cuddles.

I love my cat.

Ok. Enough.




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