Six things

These are some of the things I learnt at my writer’s group meeting last night

Novels should be about: Character Transformation. So, develop your character, send him on a journey, and make him change.

Writing your story from two different first-person narrators is very difficult to pull off, particularly if it’s your first novel. This is because the voices need to be quite different in order to convincingly switch. Tip: write from third person.

Chekhov’s Gun: Don’t put the gun at the beginning of the play if no one is going to use it. Ie, every element in the narrative needs to be necessary and irreplaceable.

Think of your scenes as items of clothes, the narrative as the washing line. Peg the clothes up, swap them around, and see what happens.

Reader’s brains make narrative: Trust your reader to fill in the gaps around the scenes. Hold back from telling your reader what we think they should take from this story.

Novels should have more sex, less anxiety. Amen.

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