Stealing sushi

Had a bite to eat at Yo Sushi. Sat next to a mother with her teenage daughter. They’d finished their meal, as there was a pile of empty plates stacked up beside them. The mum had just ordered a mini bottle of Champagne, and as the waiter opened it for her she said ‘Thank you,’ while urgently tapping the keys on her phone. She proceeded to sip on her Champagne, still typing on her phone and laughing to herself while her daughter sat beside her, mute and bored.

The mum said to her daughter, ‘Look at this. Fat Bitch, they said, Look,’ and showed her the screen. Her daughter was unimpressed. The mother then spent the next few minutes tapping back a message on her phone.

Eventually she stopped and asked her daughter if she wanted anything else. She told her daughter that she was going to drop her at her grandpa’s, to which she protested, and the mum said: ‘I don’t care what you want.’ They then spent the next five minutes in silence.

When they got up to leave the man sitting beside them alerted them to a coat that they’d left on the chair. The teenage girl didn’t recognise it, but took it with her anyway. The mum told the waiter that she’d left her wallet in a shop and that she’d be back. She left a novel on the counter, their stack of plates and a half-drunk glass of Champagne. They didn’t come back.

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